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Stainless Steel For Modern Kitchen Appliances

Stainless steel has been one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind.
It is a kind of metal alloy made from the combination of steel and other metals like nickel and chromium. What makes stainless steel stand apart from the rest of the materials is its versatility in countless applications.

Whether it is furniture, industrial applications or kitchen appliances, stainless steel is extremely durable and that is why consumer’s first choice. We at Mellow Steel, proudly supplies all kinds of stainless steel raw materials products like stainless steel pipes, stainless steel sheets, stainless steel coils and many more for your home, industry or kitchen.

The composition of the metal alloy used in stainless steel determines the grades or level of the stainless steel cookware.
The grades of stainless steel vary from low to high which refers to quality, durability, and also temperature resistance. Stainless steel is the primary metal of the cookware which sturdy but has low resistance to rust and corrosion.

Addition of chromium, nickel and copper in varying quantity enhances durability, corrosion resistance. Copper alloy is generally added to the base of the stainless steel appliances to increase the heat conductivity.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances – Features, Importance And Advantage:

Long lifespan
The bright polished appearance of stainless steel kitchen appliances will never get outdated even after years of use. It is able to retain its shine and will look new. This will make the kitchen appliances permanent in your kitchen, making you spend less for new products. It is a capital investment for life.

The chromium alloy added to stainless steel helps auto-healing of the cookware in case of serious bruises. Chromium is added in the form of the transparent sheet which helps to protect the surface of stainless steel kitchen appliance.

Corrosion and rust resistant
The best quality of stainless steel is corrosion and rust resistance. It is also resistant to bruises, dents, scratches and stain, due to the right amount of added metal alloys such as nitrogen, nickel, and chromium which increases the corrosion resistant properties.

Heat transfer
Stainless steel fares poor in terms of heat transfer ability and needs addition from other metals to enhance the heat transfer. Copper and aluminum are mostly used as an exterior layer on the kitchen appliance to increase heat transferability to reduce cooking time. This also helps the food to evenly cook in short time.

Durable and sturdy
Stainless steel kitchen cookware is extremely sturdy and that is why durable due to the metal composition.

Easy to clean and handle
Chefs and home cooks love stainless steel kitchen appliances as it is extremely easy to clean and handle them. With minimum maintenance, it can be used everyday for years together.

Recyclable and eco-friendly
A lot of people do not know this fact but stainless steel cookware can be recycled by melting into metal scrap and reused which makes it environment-friendly.

Stainless steel cookware is perfect for all kinds of cooking techniques and volumes of food. From deep-fried dishes to braising meat, stainless steel can deliver it with ease.

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