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Importance Of Stainless Steel In Food Industry

In the current scenario, imagining a life without Stainless steel seems difficult. 
The discovery of stainless steel in the 20th century was a revolutionary milestone for all. 
The durable and hygienic alloy has become a favourite in industries, domestic kitchens and even an architecture’s favorite for modern furniture. 

Stainless steel finds diverse use in processing of milk and dairy products, beer and wine making, confectionery, cooked meats and many more.

Until recently, stainless steel kitchen appliances were regarded as an expensive luxury in the modern kitchen. 
Good design, mass production and competition have changed the scenario. 
No wonder 30% of all stainless steel produced goes into products related to the food and beverage sector.

Benefits of using stainless steel in food industry include:

1.Heat resistance
3.Can withstand shock and abrasion
4.Retains shine and is durable
5.Prevents contamination and maintains freshness in food items
6.Easy to clean, thus preventing bacterial infections
7.Can withstand dents and scratches even in aggressive operating conditions
8.Suitable for handling food items containing spicy ingredients and strong coloring agents.
9.Possess excellent cryogenic properties
10.Can withstand heavy wash downs using chemicals or other detergents
11.Is inert to alkalis and acids
12.Does not crack or break easily
13.Can withstand fire

14.It is more formable compared to other metals.

Applications of the various types of stainless steel in food industry

Stainless steel exhibits some of the most suitable characteristics of the construction materials used for food equipment. 
It is the most widely used material in direct contact with food found in the industry.

Application of Stainless Steel in food and dairy include:

1.Processing equipment such as pasteurizer, homogenizer, separator, decanter, metal detector, heat-exchanger, mixing tank and process tank etc.
2.Storage tanks and form equipment are consisted silo tank, road tanker, milking machine, cans and bulk milk cooler etc.
3.Accessories include the fittings, valve, pumps, and lab instruments etc.

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