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What are the stainless steel decorative products?

The colorful stainless steel sheet is eye-catching. If it is used to make a three-dimensional shape for decoration and daily life products, it will be more perfect.

In the past, it was difficult to realize this kind of desire, but now it can all be realized.

With the advancement of science and technology, the advancement of production equipment, and the improvement of the level of manufacturing workers, all this is possible.

Colored stainless steel sheet is a stainless steel sheet processed into a colored sheet by various processes.
Then, how to process the colored three-dimensional stainless steel products, I will share with you today.

Stainless steel products are divided into two types: decorative and practical.
Practicality is used to manufacture various production equipment, such as kitchen utensils, production and processing food utensils, outdoor safety products, etc., while decorative products are mainly used for display to people.
Mainly ornamental, such as outdoor stainless steel sculptures, indoor decorative sculptures and displays in some commercial places, they are mainly decorative effects.
How to produce and process colored stainless steel decorative products, and what are the limitations of their shape and structure?

For these problems, the first is to consider the design.

There will be some discrepancies between the design and the actual processing, and the production needs to be adjusted according to the processing technology and requirements.

In the factory, we need to use the computer to carry out three-dimensional 3D modeling of the design drawings, and then use 3D printing to complete the model construction accurately and quickly.

Modules, and then process the modules, then splicing and welding the modules, grinding and polishing, and finally forming a complete shape, and then after the surface coloring treatment, it can be delivered for use.

Color stainless steel decorative products are slightly different according to different shapes, sizes, and production methods, but the work process is the same.

For smaller-shaped handicrafts, the technical requirements of craftsmen are higher, and the time consumption will also be different. Simplicity and complexity reflect the craftsman's technical skills, and the brightness and smoothness of the surface reflect the craftsman's production level and attentiveness.

Therefore, every handicraft has its value and there is no comparability. Quality determines the price.

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