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Stainless Steel VS Galvanized: Why Stainless Is Better


Each fabrication job is distinct, and types of steel will perform better in various contexts. 

It’s impossible to say whether galvanized or stainless steel is better without knowing the specifics of your fabrication job. 

However, it’s clear why stainless steel is better than galvanized steel when you look at the tale of the tape between the two.

What’s Galvanized Steel?

Steel with a zinc coat is galvanized steel; the coating prevents corrosion. Products made from galvanized steel may withstand prolonged weather exposure without significant damage. Galvanized steel is resistant to fresh water and salt water. Most structural steel welders will find galvanized steel easy to work with. The zinc coating on galvanized steel wears off over time, and the material eventually needs maintenance.

What’s Stainless Steel?

The addition of chromium to steel in its molten state produces stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable and won’t rust even if wet, nor does it corrode when exposed to seawater. Welders using stainless steel require unique abilities to work with greater precision on heated and cooled materials. The filler materials must be a perfect match for the welded steel.

Precipitation-hardening stainless steel is one of the few varieties of stainless steel. The composition of the metal alloy used to create steel gives rise to its many subtypes. The strength of an alloy increases with its complexity, but so does its cost.

Applications for Both Options

Stainless steel is durable and unlikely to rust in high-stress environments, like the aircraft industry. Bridges, skyscrapers, sculptures, trains, and automobiles are just some examples of structures that benefit from stainless steel’s strength and resistance to salt water. Ultimately, stainless steel is the perfect solution for large-scale, high-budget fabrication projects.

That’s not to say galvanized steel doesn’t have its place. Galvanized steel is preferable to stainless steel in chlorinated water because stainless steel corrodes faster. This metal is usually the best choice when working with a budget. It’s a common material for household plumbing and HVAC systems, fences and other security measures, and fasteners like screws and bolts. However, stainless steel is the most reliable and durable option when you don’t have to limit your spending.

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