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How to Choose a Stainless Steel Sheet Provider Near You?

Are you looking for a new supplier for your durable, stainless steel sheets? The stainless steel market is flourishing and it is important to find the right supplier to meet your unique business needs.

Per the Grand View Research stainless steel trend report, the global stainless steel market is growing. In 2018, it was valued at close to 94 billion and it is expected to grow at 5% annually through 2025. 
This rising demand will be driven by several key industries including petroleum, automotive, building and construction.
Stainless steel is also used in the manufacturing of a variety of products for both commercial and government applications.

Stainless steel is known for its preferable corrosion and stain resistance. In addition, compared to other building materials, it has low maintenance costs. 
Many manufacturers of large, durable elements with few detailed features use the ams 5510 and other stainless steel sheets.

Did you know that stainless steel is recyclable? 
More than 60% of stainless steel, more than 80 million tons, is recycled in North America yearly. 
This is fantastic for the environment.

Your objective should be to find a supplier that is an expert in every variation and grade of stainless steel and combined metals. 
A reliable supplier will offer brass and copper, the ams 5510, the 300 series and 17-7 precipitation hardened steel.

The Grand View Research stainless steel, 2018 trend report mentioned the popularity of the 300 series. 
This series is composed of between 18 percent and 30 percent of chromium and between 6 percent and 20 percent of nickel. 
The product’s popularity is driven by its high corrosion and high temperature resistance, as compared to the 200 grade stainless steel.

Some of the more popular stainless steel and thin metal strips options are:

  • 201 J1 J2 J5
  • 304 304L
  • 316 316L
  • 430

A reputable thin steel sheet supplier will be happy to assist you with any job, large or small. They will offer stainless steel sheet quantities from a few pounds to many thousand pounds.

An industry leading combined metals supplier will stay up to date with the newest metal trends and be able to advise its customers accordingly. You must also check to see if a stainless supplier is ROHS compliant and ISO 9001 certified.

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