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How to Identify Stainless Steel 304 Material?

There are two common and most effective identification methods.

One way is friction spark identification method: respectively with 304 material and 201 material, on the high-speed rotating grinder to see the spark generated, due to the effect of friction and high temperature, the number of spark generated by the oxidation of various element particles, shape bifurcation and other different to identify the chemical composition and approximate content of the material.

The other way is stainless steel potion identification method: you can directly go to the stainless steel parts shop (such as Mellow Steel) to buy, the unit price of 15 yuan a bottle. 
The stainless steel identification potion will drop on the 304 material and 201 material, two to three minutes can be identified, will show different colors, and then refer to the manual comparison.

Except above two methods,we also have other methods are as follows:

First way ,surface observation, first of all to see if there is rust on the surface of the vessel, if there is no rust, it can be determined to be stainless steel, but it can not be determined.

The second way liquid medicine detection, there are sold material detection water on the market, after dropping up, different colors correspond to different materials, very simple and convenient, you can roughly judge which type of stainless steel material.

The third way ,Grinding detection, grinding wheel grinding depends on the state of spark, but this method needs experienced people to identify.

The last but not least way,spectral detection, instrument identification is the safest and most accurate method. 
First the surface with a grinding machine to knock off a layer, but the surface must be smooth and then use the spectrum to play, can read the metal elements in the material in detail, and then compare the material, this method is the most reliable, but also the most authoritative.

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