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Fujian Hongwang completes expansion project, first CR coil produced

Fujian Hongwang completes expansion project, first CR coil produced

Fujian Hongwang, a leading stainless steel producer in China, has successfully produced the first coil in its new CR line, which has an annual capacity of 600 kt.

The new production line was put into operation last week, while the company had planned to complete the project by the end of August. However, it was still faster than the initial plan, with a deadline in December 2023. Another 700 ktpy line had also been previously commissioned, the STS maker reported on its website. In total, the recently launched project expanded the capacity of the company by 1.3 million tpy of STS CR coils.

The new line integrates various continuous production processes, such as continuous rolling and continuous pickling, and uses advanced technology and equipment, which improved efficiency by 20% and reduced emissions by 20% compared to traditional technology, mainly used in China, the company stated. 

The new production line uses clean energy and environmental protection technology and has a waste acid roasting treatment system that can reduce waste emissions.

Fujian Hongwang can produce 200 series, 300 series, and 400 series cold-rolled products with various specifications and surface treatments, including 2B,2E, No.1, 2BA, and 2BB. The thickness is in the range of 0.25-3 mm, while width – 1,000-1,550 mm.

Total investments amounted to RMB 2 billion (USD 279 million), while annual output value was officially forecasted at RMB 15 billion (USD 2.1 billion).

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