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Why specify PVD coated colored stainless steel?

Why specify PVD coated colored stainless steel?

1.Scratch resistant making it highly durable for high traffic and heavy- wear areas
2.The PVD coating creates a tough finish which is approximately ten times harder than stainless steel itself
3.Twelve year guarantee.

1.Stainless steel material is 60% recycled and 100% recyclable.

Cost – effective
1.Allows less expensive standard ranges to be specified with colour- matched workshop-fabricated items acting as feature pieces or as essential supplements to a cheaper range
2.Can recolour existing fittings, components and lighting enabling re-utilisation of fixtures for new re-fits.

1.Antimicrobial finish suited to food preparation, medical and laboratory environments and public areas.

Finishes Also available:
1.Embossed finishes, coloured and uncoloured.
2.Anti-fingerprint finish.

A spectrum of colour options
1.Can be colour-matched to other finishes and materials
2.Can be specified in a wide spectrum of colours
3.Mimics more expensive materials such as bronze, brass and gold providing a cost-effective, easy-maintenance alternative
4.Can be completely colourless for a natural stainless steel appearance

Key properties
1.Standard PVD coating is 0.35 microns thick
2.Flush finish where two PVD coatings meet
3.Creates a metal-against-metal lubricant

4.Can be re-coated once coated

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