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How do Mellow control the stainless steel quality?

As a stainless steel decorative sheets manufacturer in China, 

our dedication to workmanship is a commitment to your satisfaction and our product quality.

Begins & Ends with Quality
At Mellow steel manufacture of decorative stainless steel begins & ends with quality.

From raw material selection to final delivery, every step is under strict scrutiny by expert inspectors.

With years experience for pvd coating, surface polishing, cutting, and the most advanced equipment and experienced workers & inspectors, we’re able to delivery decorative stainless steel sheets of top quality to our clients in different needs.

Inspection into Every Detail:

No Holes, No Waves.
If the raw materials likes 2B sheets have any problem, the whole further processing will be impacted.
With inspectors working in the first line, we carefully select the sheet when cutting, and check the holes, waves and color differences from raw material. It helps us avoid some quality issues during surface treatment.

Consistent Dimensions,Tight Tolerance
To ensure the product dimensions and tolerances meet your requirements, our inspectors will carefully measure the width, length and thickness with a calipers.Only qualified products will be transported for further processing.

3.Mill Test
Tests for the Applications
Although each stainless steel coil is tested at the mill factory before it leaves, we still conduct chemical composition test and mechanical tests like hardness test, tensile test, elongation test to ensure that it is the real product we purchased, and whether is suitable for customer applications.

Bright Finish,Uniform Color
No matter how much experience we have in surface treatment, sometimes scratches or color differences are prone to occur.
Upon completion, our inspector will carefully check the surface ensure that it is shiny,  smooth and above 95% perfect. The color is then compared to the sample to ensure everything is as expected.

Inspection BeforePacking
Our workers perform a comprehensive visual inspection to ensure everything is correct before packaging.
One to two tons of stainless steel plates are packed in one waterproof wooden packaging to prevent any crash or collision during transportation.

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