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How about China's cold rolled stainless steel output in May

Stainless steel cold-rolled production in May fell 9.83%, June scheduled production is expected to decline 3.68% compared to the ring

May stainless steel cold rolled production of three series are showing a downward trend, of which the 300 series drop is the most obvious, followed by 200 series, 400 series drop is relatively small.

The 200 series production 385,500 tons, down 9.74% YoY, down 10.26% YoY. The current high cost of production of steel mills, the 200 series of the three departments of the worst profits. In addition, downstream demand is weak, oversupply situation, inventory continues to be high, the spot price oscillation weak operation, steel mills to reduce losses and inventory pressure, there are maintenance and production reduction action. In addition, the epidemic also had an impact on the transportation of cold rolled raw materials. May 200 series cold rolled down the most obvious volume is a cold rolling mill in South China, mainly due to low profit steel production enthusiasm is not high.

The 300 series production 597,400 tons, down 12.12% YoY, down 4.03% YoY. May in the epidemic interference, some cold rolling mills production of raw materials transportation was affected. Coupled with the continued weakness of the 300 series market in May, stainless steel high cost, high inventory, low profits, low demand pattern is difficult to break, in order to reduce the risk of some steel mills take the initiative to reduce production in response. In addition, some of the steel mills in May have maintenance plans, production has been affected to some extent. 300 series of the most obvious drop in the amount of a steel mill in East China, on the one hand, because of the impact of maintenance production, in addition to the steel mill inventory pressure, the initiative to reduce production to relieve inventory capital pressure.

The 400 series production of 232,900 tons, a decrease of 3.56% YoY and 3.24% YoY. 400 series cold-rolled production decreased slightly in May, and 400 cold-rolled profit is the best among the three series. Due to the weak end demand, downstream home appliances and other products enterprises orders shrink, the overall performance of oversupply, some mills have reduced production, mainly in the northwest a steel mill.

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