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Is Chinese stainless steel inferior?

Is Chinese stainless steel inferior? The answer is No.

As the cost of stainless steel decreases nowadays,it has been commonly used in many areas, including construction, pharmaceuticals industry, and so on. For the large quantity need of steel, China plays an increasingly important role in the stainless steel industry.

It’s necessary to know more about the products the Chinese stainless steel producer provide if you are willing to cut the cost and make more profit.

What Chinese Stainless Steel Producers can Provide?

Development of Chinese stainless steel producer

In 2004, only one Chinese company, Shanghai Baosteel, ranked among the world’s top ten steel producers. The other top companies came from the United States, Europe, India, and South Korea. In that year, only 25.8% of the world’s steel was made in China. After 2018, Chinese stainless steel producer have produced more than half of global steel production.

In stainless steel, the development is even starker: in 2005, China produced 12.9% of the world’s stainless steel, while Europe produced 34.8% and the United States 9.2%. By 2018, China’s share had more than quadrupled to 52.6 of the world’s stainless steel, while Europe’s share shrank to 15.6 percent and the U.S. share was only 5.5 percent.

If the quality of Chinese stainless stell is inferior as the question said, how can Chinese stainless steel industry get such achievement?
In conclusion, nowadays, the quality of Chinese stainless steel is as good as the quality of Stainless steel from Europe and America.
You can get more infomation about the Chinese stainless steel from the following article.


Corrosion resistance is the main advantage of stainless steel, but it certainly isn’t the only one. Chinese Stainless steel can also provide the following features:

1. High and low-temperature resistant

Some certain grades of stainless steel contain specific quantities of chromium and nickel. These types of steel can resist scaling and retain their high strength even at high or low temperatures. From the application areas, we can get this feature. Stainless steel is used in a wide range of areas including heat exchangers, boilers, water heaters as well as aircraft and aerospace applications, and so on.

2. Strong and durable

One of the reasons why stainless steel is popular now is its strength. As we mentioned above, its strength can be retained in both high and low temperatures. Lightweight stainless steel won’t buckle under the great weight, making it one of the most durable metals on the market. It can endure weight, hot and cold temperatures.

3. Easy cleaned and maintained

The third benefit of stainless steel is its cleaning. You don’t need to worry about cleaning. There is plenty of cleaners specific to stainless steel for you to choose from. Other than that, you can just wipe down the surface and stop your cleaning. Because of the corrosive resistance, it’s not necessary to use a dry rag to absorb the moisture left by cleaning.

4. Aesthetically attractive

People would not deny buying beautiful products. Appearance is a vital factor for choosing stainless steel. Its sleek appearance featured both classic and modern styles. The point we should highlight is that it not only just beautiful but highly functional too.

5. Environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Stainless steel is recyclable. Recycled steel means less consumption of other valuable resources, reducing the energy consumption for mining. Researches have shown that every tone of recycled steel can save about 0.5 ton of coal and 1.5 tones of iron ore.

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