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1. Principle of water plating

Water plating is the use of electrolysis to make metal or alloy deposition on the surface of the work piece, in order to form a uniform, dense, good bonding metal layer process, is called water plating. Simply understood, it is a physical and chemical change or combination.

2. Principles of electroplated stainless steel black titanium

PVD (physical vapor deposition) is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used in the world.

Its working principle is under the vacuum condition, the use of gas discharge to partially dissociate the gas or vaporized material, in the gas ion or vaporized material ion bombardment at the same time the evaporation or its reactants deposited on the substrate. It has the characteristics of fast deposition speed and clean surface, especially has the advantages of strong adhesion of the film layer, good winding and extensive plating materials.

Using the world's advanced magnetron sputtering ion plating and multi-arc ion plating process equipment, and on this basis with international experts process innovation. With more than 10 years of valuable experience in the decorative plating industry, to provide customers with the most suitable coating processing scheme.

3. Application of products:

Colored stainless steel can be used in many other fields besides building exterior wall and window frame decoration.

For example, black stainless steel panels can be used to make solar panels, which can be selected to achieve a heat absorption rate of 91% to 93%. In the arts and crafts, the combination of color stainless steel and printing, etching and grinding and dot method can be used to produce fadeless three-dimensional relief murals, hanging screen, etc, widely used in elevators, hotels, high-end brand stores, nightclubs, all kinds of advertising light boxes, nameplate signs and other commercial decoration fields.

Additional, use chromatic stainless steel to make household electric appliance, cooker, kitchen equipment, door window of glass of stainless steel, toilet appliance, get the love of consumer.

5. The difference between water plated stainless steel black titanium and electroplated stainless steel black titanium:

First of all, in addition to the different technology, the price is also different.

The price of water plating is cheaper than electroplating, and the quality is not as good as electroplating.

How to choose depends on the requirements of customers. The color is different, the color of water plated stainless steel black titanium is black, and the color of electroplating stainless steel is light, but the color of different materials is different, which is commonly used 201 stainless steel water plating color is very black, 304 stainless steel water plating color is blue.

In the aspect of oxidation resistance of stainless steel products, electroplated stainless steel black titanium is better than water black titanium, so people choose black titanium titanium stainless steel products in the indoor water plating, outdoor electroplating.

The specific material selection is based on the budget cost and personal preference of the guests, we can refer to the purchase of black titanium stainless steel products.

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