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Stainless steel fine grinding 8K mirror gold production process and tech you sho


NO.1, find any kind of 201/304/304L/316/316L/430 stainless steel material 2B, BA sheet as the base sheet, polished on the surface of stainless steel sheet by polishing equipment with abrasive solution to make the surface luminosity as clear as a mirror.

NO.2, use the grinder clear water grinding, remove the stainless steel surface roughness, burrs, sand eyes, etc., there is a certain depth, probably within 2cm. The final surface of the stainless steel plate is fine-sanded and already has a certain luminosity.

NO.3, clean the stainless steel surface with water, going through the heater to evaporates water from the surface and then the 8K mirror sheet is finished.

NO.4, put the 8k mirror sheet into PVD color coating machine, wait 3-4 min, the 8K mirror would be coated in gold color.

Titanium is divided into two ways. One is liquid chemical coating, a process that uses electrolysis to deposit a metal or alloy on the surface of a workpiece to form a uniform, dense, well-bonded metal layer. The main process is to put the product to be plated into a chemical plating solution for plating. The other is PVD color coating, in which titanium nitride is processed onto the material by physical vacuum ion coating. Both methods allow the stainless steel sheet to be plated with color.

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