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Stainless Steel Applications of Architecture, Building & Construction

Stainless steel provides tremendous design flexibility to construction projects along with impeccable strength, resistance to corrosion, and fire resistance.

This makes stainless steel a practical choice for public and industrial buildings. All over the world, stainless steels are being used for structural applications- ranging from cutting edge architectural designs to setting up a robust public infrastructure

Key Advantages of using Stainless Steel in Architecture, Building & Construction Segment

1.Superior aesthetics
2.Tough & durable
3.Design flexibility
4.Highly corrosion resisant
5.Fire resistant
6.Choice of colorful coatings & different finishes
8.High strength-to-weight ratio
9.Low life cycle cost

10.Suitability for clean & hygienic environment

Cladding & paneling

Column cladding

Curtain walling

Door frames & shutters

Interior paneling

Lighting systems and bus shelters

Railings & balusrades



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