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Applications of Stainless Steel in Consumer Durables

Applications of Stainless Steel in Consumer Durables

Consumer durables are driven by stringent quality, aesthetics and high durability of products. Stainless steel, owing to its excellent corrosion resistance and visually appealing surface finishes, finds extensive applications in this segment. 

Mellow Stainless not only offers the complete range of stainless steel grades in this segment, but has also carved its niche range, through its subsidiary JSL Lifestyle Limited, as a global player that develops various quality lifestyle products in stainless steel.

Key Advantages of Stainless Steel in Consumer Durables

1.Corrosion resistant
2.Hygienic and durable
3.Excellent aesthetics
4.Excellent deep drawabilty
5.Easy formability
6.Chemically inert
7.High strength


Bathroom accessories

Kitchen and hollowware applications


Washing machines

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