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Key Advantages of using Stainless Steel in Automotive & Transport

Automotive and Transport sectors are increasingly using stainless steel to reduce weight, improve aesthetics, enhance safety, and minimize life cycle cost. 

Since it exhibits superior combination of high strength, ductility, formability, and toughness compared to other metals and alloys, the intrinsic weight of vehicle decreases and its load carrying capacity and fuel efficiency increases.

Over the last decade average weight of mid-sized cars has reduced from 1400 kg to 1150 kg resulting in an 18% reduction in the total car weight. 

On account of transformation induced plasticity, stainless steel develops very high strength coupled with good formability and reduced weigth, thus constituting the ideal material for structural components.

There is a direct correlation between kerb weight of vehicle and fuel consumption. As a thumb rule, 10% of weight reduction will lead to 3-7% less fuel consumption. To reduce the weight of the vehicle and thus energy consumption, the usage of high strength stainless steel in auto-making is gradually increasing.

In automobiles, stainless steel is extensively used in exhaust systems. Since corrosion resistance remains vital for this application, appropriate titanium, niobium or dual stabilized grades with very low interstitial content are used with choice of grade depending on operating conditions. As new austenitic, ferritic, and duplex stainless steels are evolving, automotive and transport industry is intensively exploring their potential.

Key Advantages of using Stainless Steel in Automotive & Transport
1.Corrosion resisant
2.Crash resistant
3.Increased fuel efficiency
4.Light weight
5.High strength
7.Superior aesthetics

8.Fire resistant

Disc brakes

Fuel tanks

Vehicular exhausts

Hose clamps

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