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Applications of Stainless Steel in Food Processing Industry

Applications of Stainless Steel in Food Processing Industry

Materials used for preparation, processing, and storage of beverages, dairy and food products must be corrosion resistant and chemically inert. 

For these reasons, stainless steels are widely used in these applications. Moreover, they can be easily cleaned and sterilized without loss of properties, and can be readily fabricated by a variety of techniques.

Materials are selected on the basis of their resistance to corrosion in a specific service environment and operation pattern of plants. In practice, variety of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels is used. 

Nevertheless, martensitic and duplex stainless steels are also used in beverage, dairy and food contact applications.

Key Advantages of Stainless Steel in Food Processing Industry

1.Corrosion resisant
2.Easy to clean
3.Chemically inert
4.Longer life
5.Low life cycle cost
6.100% Recyclable

Chemical Industry

Stainless steel pipes and tubes have significant applications in chemical, processing and oil & gas industries. 
They exhibit superior corrosion resistance, heat resistance and low-temperature properties, and can be used as raw materials that can withstand harsh environments as seen in petroleum, brewery, sugar, refining, and oil & gas industries.

Chemical, processing, and oil & gas industries have propelled the demand for stainless steel by creating a large market for stainless tanks, pipes, pumps, and valves.
Special grades of stainless steel have been developed to ensure greater corrosion resistance for a broad range of temperatures. These are used in desalination plants, sewage plants, offshore oil rigs, harbor supports, and ships propellers.

Key Advantages of Stainless Steel in Chemical Industry

1.Corrosion resistant
2.Abrasion resistant
3.Easy fabrication
4.Superior Hygiene
5.Chemically inert
6.Efficient heat transfer
7.Low life cycle cost


Processing and reaction vessels

Hot water tanks

Saucepans, kettles, confectionery moulds

Wine storage vats, pipelines, pumps and valves

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