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Stainless steel Plumbing Applications

Stainless steel pipes are increasingly being used for plumbing around the world because of several benefits offered by the metal; hygiene, resistance to corrosion, and low maintenance being the primary reasons. 

Stainless steel is an attractive option when considering the life cycle cost of an installation. It does not require painting and easily blends with modern interior designs.

Mellow Stainless’ 304 grade pipes are ERW welded as per ASTM – 269/JIS 3448. 316 grade pipes are made in EN 10312.

Key Advantages of using Stainless Steel in Plumbing System

1.Corrosion resisant
4.Light weight
5.Can handle high pressure of liquids and gases
6.Smoother stainless steel bores
7.No fire risk
8.Easy installation
9.Extended life to 200 years

10.Earthquake resisant

Hot and Cold water piping

Overhead water tanks

Potable water

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