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Somethink you must to know about mellow stainless steel.

How can I get your reply as soon as possible?
Please fill the form of “CONTACT US” page, or call the Sales Manager “+86 131 3822 6177”, we will contact you soon.

Do you provide samples?
We could provide common design of small samples (free of charge) and customized samples (not free), and the customer bear the shipping or freight costs, delivery time is 7-10 days.

What’s your payment terms?
For customized orders, we prefer T/T payment; For finished goods, T/T or 30% of T/T advance + L/C at sight are acceptable.

Do you accept small quantity and “hard to find” sizes?
Yes, this is one of our value-added services.

How do you control the quality?
We have a complete organization from raw material purchasing to processing and shipment arranging, in the whole chain, the documentary people ad QC will look for and check it by precise equipments.

How long is your delivery time?

For customized products, the delivery time depends on the quantity and design. For ready stocks, 7-10 days are ok after advance received.

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