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Mellow Group's Development


In 2007, a little girl dropped out of school due to her familys poverty.

She wanted to reduce the burden on her family, and quickly made money to help her elderly grandparents take care of her health and her two-year-old younger brother to go to college. Be a clerk. It was the first time I walked out of my hometown and took the train for the first time, and my heart was very nervous.

My family was also worried that I would not be used to being outside. Grandma gave me a pack of green tea and told me, "If the water and rice don't fall, I will eat the house. The tea will be good ( if you are not comfortable with the soil and water, drinking tea at home will be better)"!

In this way, I came to Guangdong with the hope of my whole family.

In 2007, I joined Foshan Lisen Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. A novice in the workplace, this is how to start a part-time career. In a small office, there were three people sitting, Lao Wu, Ali and I. Lao Wu and Ali were seniors who gave me a lot of guidance in business, and gradually I became familiar with the clerical work.

This year, my dream is to make money and make a lot of money!

At that time, Lisen Stainless Steel was a well-known brand. The business was busy and overtime was required almost every day, and the corresponding harvest was also very rich. In the first month of work, I received a salary of 800 yuan. I was so happy. You must know that my father did not have 800 yuan for a year of farming at home! I immediately wrapped the 200 yuan in an envelope and gave it to my cousin to take home to my parents; I bought my first Nokia mobile phone with 480 yuan; I saved the rest for emergencies.

I work in Lisen, I have food and housing, and I have saved a lot of wages by thrifty! Moreover, after coming to Guangdong, I am very satisfied with my food and accommodation. My favorite breakfast is rice rolls, which I have never eaten in Hunan; my favorite vegetable is lettuce. At first, I thought it was the lettuce leaves at home. It's very sweet and has the taste of hometown... The family no longer has to worry about me not getting used to it!

In 2008, the year was known as the southern ice storm. At the end of the year, a lot of goods were stranded in the warehouse, filling every corner of the warehouse. Our bosses, Dai Zhihua and Mr. Dai Boqing, have always been hands-on, advancing and retreating with every customer. And I was still a small employee, and I did not experience the pain and fatigue of the boss. The goods are stranded, and many people from other places are also stranded. This year, my dream is to be able to go home for the New Year!

Although it has been rumored that many people are stranded at the train station and bus station and cannot go home, I know that I am not afraid because I firmly believe that the two bosses will arrange train tickets for us. At this year's annual meeting, our boss impressed every employee deeply. They said: The original intention of the company is people-oriented, honest management, hard work, so that every family can live and work in peace and contentment in Foshan, Guangdong!

This sentence is deeply imprinted in my mind, giving me warmth and strength from time to time! This is not only the simple original intention of the bosses, but also the dream I have been pursuing. I secretly and firmly determined: I must study hard, keep up with the pace, and realize my personal dream!

Over the years, I have witnessed the development of the group: in 2008, Lisen Stainless Steel moved from Qicha Industrial Zone to Tancun Liyuan Stainless Steel Center, and changed its name to: Foshan Lisheng Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.; in 2009 Zhaoqing Senmei Metal Co., Ltd. It was successfully put into production, the land was bought by the family, and the factory was built by the family. In the same year, Hunan Tianhong Stainless Steel Industrial Park was put into construction, and Hunan Tianhong Material Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully put into production; in 2011, Mellow Investment Group Co., Ltd. was established to start a group. Development model; in 2014, Foshan Merihang Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established, which successfully spread Mellow's dream and corporate culture to foreign countries; in 2016, Shenzhen Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was established to open the financial sector; in 2020, Yixin Stainless Steel ( Chengdu) Group Co., Ltd.; Guangdong Oat Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. will be established in 2021 to start the stainless steel pan-home customization business... Today, the group is still moving forward, and it also leads me to make continuous progress!

I am very fortunate that I chose Mellow from the very beginning, and I got on such a good job platform. I met two kind bosses in my life, and I chose the right direction of my life. Foshan has also become my second hometown! I have been working in the group for 15 years, and my dream now is to grow up with Mellow and work for another 20 years!

Nothing can stop the power of dreams,

Salute to all Mellow people!

Going out of the journey ideal in the sea of stars,

Gathering radiance for home in Mellow!

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