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How Mellow Produce 8K Stainless Steel Sheet

Mellow 8K polishing workshop in Zhaoqing factory, has 2 sets of 8K mirror sheet to sheet polishing machines, and 3 sets of 8K mirror coil to coil polishing machines. 

They both use aluminum oxide grinding heads for polishing. Mellow 8K polishing machines can produce 4 different mirror brightness effects(6K, ordinary 8K, 8K, Super 8K) to meet the needs of different customers. 

Due to these several machines can make Mellow 8K capacity be reached over 1000 Tons/month, and ensure our lead time of production.

So now, let’s get close to 8K polishing machines and 8K products.

There is a strict 8K polishing producing operation in Mellow factory, we must strictly control to very step:

First step – Rough polishing
Rough polishing is generally done with water. Moreover, it uses 12 sets of grinders. Then, we arrange the grinding wheels in order from coarse to fine to grind stainless steel. 
This can remove defects such as roughness, burrs on the surface of stainless steel. After obtaining a certain extent in this way. And then, we finely polish it.

Second step – Fine polishing
This group of grinding machines uses high-density wool felt. Moreover, the higher the density of wool felt, the better.
This removes the oxide layer, sand marks, grinding headlines, etc. on the surface of the stainless steel. 
Therefore, it improves the brightness of stainless steel. Moreover, the finely polished stainless steel can reflect the details of the article.

Third step – Washing and drying
After polishing, we use clear water to clean the surface of the stainless steel. Moreover, the cleaner the water and the cleaner the product. Otherwise there will be water stains.

Fourth step – Quality inspection
After processing the surface of stainless steel, we also need to check if there are blisters, dark bones, scratches, and whether the product is deformed, and whether the grinding head is within the standard range. 
For those products with substandard surfaces, we will re-polish them until the surface meets customer requirements

The final step – Packing with protective film
The finished mirror is 8k stainless steel, and we will put a protective film base on your requirements on it. And then, we can pack the finished mirror 8K stainless steel in a our export package.

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